Meet the QR code with the most advanced encryption & features

Seamless Integration

Physical security

Multi-level digital security

Unique watermark

Jaylo presents the future

Brand protection

Enhance trust with your customers

Positive impact on the value chain

Increase your customer experience


Protect official documents & ensure authenticity

Secure personal information through our proprietary QR Code

How we do it

How does it work?

Our solutions use the most advanced encryption and features, such as copyproof feature, and are compliant with the personal identity market best practice. They offer a high level of personalization to deliver the most seamless and secure experience.

A proprietary API

Allows to generate the QR code with a unique encryption to the given product. Each encryptions are unique and personalized.

A proprietary reader

Allows to read the QR codevia a prorietary SDK In-app solution. Each reader is able to read only its own encryption

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